[DOWNLOAD*] YouTube For Kids For PC/ Laptop [Windows 7/8/8.1 & MAC]

YouTube For Kids For PC Download : We all know how addicted to YouTube people are these days. Google knows this very well too. That is why, they have come up with a really great initiative : YouTube For Kids App. This app comes for free at play store and consist hundreds of thousands of educational videos that are completely appropriate for children. There are many reasons due to which this app got existence. First of all, there are many videos in the video sharing site that are not suitable for kids and are considered as a big issue of modern internet world. Secondly, Learning that involves interactive animation and Audio are much fun to learn new things for kids – that is the reason why YouTube got re-touched for kids. But sadly, there is no official version of same PC app. But, as the tittle suggests, I will be showing you guys How To Download YouTube For Kids For PC {Windows 7/8/8.1 and MAC}.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform of the entire planet. With about more than 800 million users, its kicking all the competitors beautifully. You can say that it is the best of its kind and hence loved by all. After launching numerous great things like YouTube feather, Mobile app and HTML 5 support, it has now launched its “kids” version and we are here to tell you How To Download YouTube For Kids For PC.

YouTube For Kids For PC Download : Features

The app is mainly focused on providing appropriate and original content for kids that are either educational or contains immature-level humor, which is a really nice way to keep children safe from adult content. There are few more features whcu YouTube For Kids For PC gives you, that are just awesome :

  • It allows kids to watch original episodes of a number of cartoon series
  • It keeps them safe from all those things that either contains graphic content or are not appropriate for them
  • It provides them a way to learn in an interactive way
  • It really helps in keeping kids to the safe side

Download YouTube For Kids For PC

As I mentioned above in the article, Google has not officially released the PC version of the App yet due to unknown reasons. But as the title suggests, I will be telling you a way to run YouTube For Kids in PC. You actually need to use it indirectly with the help of a Third-part program. There are software called “Emulators” the lets us run different platform’s program in our computers. You need to have an Android emulator in order to run the Android version of YouTube For Kids For PC.

Hope you liked How To Download YouTube For Kids For PC , If you did, make sure to check other articles of this site too. And also share this article with your friends, it will really help all the people who are willing to get the PC version of it. One more thing : If you face any kind of issue while installing this thing, feel free to comment your queries bellow and I will be responding them within 48 Hours.

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