Do play Clash of Clans often? (Which is similar to Cloud Raiders For PC) Then you may have noticed the game play is not suitable for devices with small displays. In fact, a bigger screen will not only help you to get a better control, but will also increase your gaming experience. But sadly, there is no PC version of it yet released. However, using some techniques, you can still Download CLASH OF CLANS FOR PC Without bluestacks for Your Computer, laptop or MAC. This trick is a one hindered percent genuine and will work on most common platforms like Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or MAC – All are supported. Plus – You don’t need to pay anything as this trick is 100{a2037dc9ef5c43007da7824fcc2ffe2532f928f1bb3dd58b36d03763b15a49b2} free to use. This trick is special. You may have seen tutorials to teach this but they make you use Bluestacks, which people hate. So, I will teach you how to run Clash of Clans on PC without Bluestacks. Make sure to get yourself in a comfortable position, because we need to start this tutorial now and I want you to be attentive to my words so that you can learn it easily, without any sorts of issues. So go ahead and download these things right now in order to get the complete work done right now. If you face any sort of error while installing Clash of Clans for PC, do let me know in the comment’s section down bellow and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can tell with screenshot also. Use any program to capture screenshot and then share its link. Upload it anywhere you want and then share its links. It will help me a lot in learning what you are trying to say. So, go ahead and do that right now in order to get the best results.


Clash of clans for PC is one of the most popular mobile games these days. It allows one to improve their gaming skills and also teaches many life hacks. It was launched in 2012 and got viral within few days. The current updated version is completely awesome and got bug fixed after some reports. The game is developed and published by Supercell Corporation based in Finland. Initally, it was for iOS only, but a year later it was officially uploaded to play store.

This game features some stunning graphics and an amazing game-play, specially designed to boost concentration and gaming skills. Its an MMO game, so basically, its about making an avatar an start doing things for living and growing. The game supports multilayer mode, so you can play with your friends online or compete with them. Avatar gaming is trending these days. Thats why many games like second life, penguin world are getting existence continuously.  Thats the reason that Supercell targeted mobile for their MMO game so that they can beat others in future.

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By the way, Before scrolling down, I wanna let you know that you are not downloading any official setup for the game. You just need to have an Android Emulator for this job. An emulator is a Program that can run third party platform’s programs in normal computers. Lets look over the features of Clash of clans pc , so that you get more curious about that. Its not only free, but also gives an amazing game play with stunning graphics. If you want, you can also get Angry Birds transformers for PC Download for free.


Bellow are Features of clash of clans For Computer download. Reading all of them will give an idea of what will you get on Downloading this game for your PC. It will not only run faster, but will also look better in your PC’s big screen.

  • Its completely free and available in Google play
  • iOs users can also download it for their iPhone or iPad from iTunes
  • You can play this game on Smartphones, tablets and PC
  • There is an online platform of this game, where you can play it with your friends or compete with them
  • It downloads quickly and works like water in PC
  • You dont need be an Android or iOS user to play Clash of Clans on PC
  • COC for PC can be transferred to another device or computer

So those were some quick features of the game. But there are lots of them more, which can be discovered after downloading the game.


So, after lots of spec-talk, we’re no ready to know how to download Clash of Clans For PC or computer. If you wanna get this game on your PC, you need to have an emulator for that. An emulator is a Program that can run third party platform’s programs in normal computers. So, which is the best emulator for android?

My answer is andy. Its due to its unique run-time acceleration and easy-to-use ui. You can Download Andy offline Installer

  • After downloading it, open and install it.
  • Now Go to search bar and type “Clash of Clans” and install it
  • Now you’re ready to plan the game !

So now, you’ve learnt how to Download CLASH OF CLANS FOR PC download . If you liked the article, please share this site with your friends and let us know what to add here by providing your feedback. Thank you ! I have decided to keep this article updated from now and you will see the latest contents here each week you visit. So, go ahead and download the thing now by following the tutorial I have mentioned here in this article. It will allow you to get inside what is written over here and also its contents.

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