[NEW*] Dell Venue 8 7000 Series Review [World’s Thinnest Tablet]

Dell Venue 8 7000 Series Review

Being a tech giant, Dell have contributed so many innovatory ideas and technologies for us. From Budget laptops to extra-ordinary 4k Monitors, everywhere it did it beautifully. And who can forget the mobile device area where we have the innovatory Dell streak, which was probably the first phablet in this planet. But now, things are changing and new innovations are continuously getting into existence. In such a high-competitive market, it is highly required for dell to keep the business running by launching more great products in the market. Dell Venue 8 is one of those devices that are developed to enrich the whole company’s business. It is a lightweight and ultra-slim Tablet computer, which is designed to break all the bounds by providing the user a great way to work, interact and play.

Let’s Break The Floor ! Thats what dell developers may have said before creating this beast. It comes with the latest technology that makes it future-proof at least for a year and a half. It has all sorts of stuffs that you can expect in a $399 range Tab. So, we can say it is probably the tab 4 killer, but wait. First we need get to the bottom of this thing.


The display is very saturated and is almost perfect from all angles. At first sight, it reminds me of the Nvidia, but it is even more natural than it. It features a 1600×2560 HD display, throwing out a crystal-clear PPI of ~359 – That is basically near to what high ranged tabs gives you. So, this can be referred to the best display on tablet for such price tag. In case you still don’t get it, you need to check for comparisons on sites like cnet.


Audio quality is also great in this tablet and is ideal for normal users and music lovers. You can compare it with the iPad’s speakers which considered the best in the tablet range.



Dell Venue 8 is powered by Intel Atom Z3580 coupled with 2 GB of RAM, so no worries about lags and Crashes. Speaking of lags, The UI is a perfect match with the processor as it does not lags at all. People are in big misconception about processors than only snapdragon makes a phone worth-buying, but Atom is a very powerful processor deigned for multitask like a boss



This tablet is designed to kill all types of negative stereotypes that are developed for mid-ranged tabs. It features a crystal clear lens designed to capture gorgeous pictures even in low-light conditions.



Overall, the new Dell Venue 8 7000 Series tablet is the best of its price range and can be considered as a worth-buying thing. You can manage to run multiple programs in it, without worrying about the battery or heating issue. It is just so cleverly designed that it does all heavy processes easily due to advanced chip-set and Intel Atom Z3580 2.3 Ghz Processor.

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