How To Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error-“This Copy of Windows is not genuine” 2015

This copy of Windows is not genuine” – it is a very common message that windows 7  users get in their computers.This happens when either your windows 7 is not geniune or its licsense gets expired.It is a very big problen for the pc users as it makes everything difficult to do in your Pc and displays the message everytime you open up your computer.This article will let you know how to fix Windows 7 not genuine error easily, without using any kind of third-party tool (eg. activator software) or any other software but only the inbuilt command entering tool – command prompt.So if you are getting the same message of “Windows is not genuine”, just sit back and read the whole article to fix this problem. I have figired out the perfect solution to this, reading which, you will not need to go anywhere to get the solution. Just read this completely and d let me know what happens. There are many other articles as well on the same topic, but none are giving out proper information regarding anything. So, here is the final guide you need to have here in order fix windows not genuine error

How to Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error


How to fix “This copy of Windows is not genuine” error ?

As I told you above, in this article I’m going to use Command prompt command line interpreter, which is almost availible in all Windows based operating systems.You may also used this tool to perform some performance – boosting tweaks, which helps to increase the PC speed.Today we will use it to fix the windows not genuine error.To do that, simply follow the easy steps listed below :


Solution to “This copy of Windows is not genuine” error

  1. 1 . Go to start and bring the command prompt option by searching “cmd” there.After getting the option, right click over it and select “Run as Administrator”.Note: Don’t use the direct-opening method to open this tool i.e you can also open it by going to ► Run ► Typing “cmd” (stands for command prompt), It will open the command prompt command interpreter, but it won’t let you choose the “run as administrator mode”, which is mandatory in this tweak.
  2. After getting cm opened in admin mode type these magic words : ‘SLMGR –REARM’ and check what you typed to make it work correctly.
  3. After following those steps, you will get a small popup menu stating your command completed successfully.Don’t read the whole thing, just hit “OK” and restart your PC to get your changes get into existence.

Hopefully, after the restart, you won’t see “This copy of Windows is not genuine” message any more and you are now free to work without any kind of disturbance.

Alternative Method

The first method works most of the time, but sometimes unfortunately one needs to pick another way to remove the not genuine error from their computer.Incase the first method isn’t working for you, don’t worry.Follow these steps :

Solution to “This copy of Windows is not genuine” error

  1. Go to “Updates” area of windows 7 from control panel.
  2. Look for the update named “KB971033” remove it via uninstalling it.
  3. Restart your system and say good bye to that annoying message

Use one of the two methods stated above to get rid of This Copy of Windows is not genuine message.After following the steps, you will never get the same message again your computer, which was not only killing your precious time but might also killed your pc’s performance and laptop’s battery life.

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