Download Tubemate for PC Free – Windows 7/8/8.1/10 & MAC

Tubemate for PC is probably the most-used productivity application of all time. It has been used worldwide to download YouTube videos. The reason why this thing has got that much popularity has multiple points. First of all, it was one of the first of its kind. And secondly, the interface that it features is a very fast and easy-to-use one. You can get it now from the play store. Its not only the most downloaded YouTube video grabber, but is also the highest rated in the Industry. If you go to its official Play Store page, you will see hundreds of positive comments, ratings and reviews which, in my opinion is enough for determining its awesomeness. I did’t use it that much as most of the time I try to download videos via PC only, because its a bit more easy than grabbing the same through a phone. But it becomes a real pain, when you have to download a video and you have no access to a PC. In that time, Tube mate comes as a life savior.  This article is about the PC version of the application and you might be thinking that why do we even need a PC version. Answer to that is pretty obvious, still let me elaborate it anyway. PC’s will be always more powerful than portable devices. More clearly, there won’t gonna come a time in which smartphones will ever get powerful than PC. That is the reason why people wants to use Android Apps on PC. Because of that only, they search the web with terms like that and get these pages. This article will let you know How To Download Tubemate For PC and MAC. You can Download Tubemate for Windows for free after reading this entire tutorial. Web is full of such tutorials, but none of them are as detailed as they had to be. People go to their articles and get incomplete stuffs due to which, they again comment on the site to get their issue resolved. The webmasters hardly replies to the comments and if they do, they don’t be clear with their readers and don’t help them properly. Here, on the other hand you get the most detailed tutorial as well as the best support. If you are my regular reader, you must have seen how I help people in the comment’s section. You can also ask for help if you need any and I will reply you within 48 Hours. I’m not that busy person always, but sometimes I ‘m unable to reply either because I’m out, or I’m busy with other work. So, if you need any suggestion or help, please leave comment down bellow and I’ll be checking back soon and will try my best to reply quickly.

Note about tubemate download for PC : I want you guys to share this article as much as you can, because there are sites claiming of having the best method to run this program on PC, but they are jus wasting people’s time. That is why I want this to be shared by you guys. You can easily get TubeMate YouTube Downloader App Free Download for PC after following the simple steps here. People often search for tubemate free download for pc, so I have decided to come with this article.

Tubemate For PC Download

There are a number of other applications that allows you to Download YouTube Videos via mobile, but still this is the most widely used one. The reason of that is simple. There are numerous great features that really advanced and helps in selecting and downloading the videos of a users choice. You can directly search anything from inside and then download it. If you are reading articles here from a while, then you must have got idea about the basics of softwares. I also want my readers to be well-educated about this thing and I’m happy with all of my regular readers. You guys are the ones who makes us complete and I’m really thankful to all of you. As I mentioned, this tutorial will be a very detailed one and will feature each and every point that you need to know about the Tubmate application. People often search for tubemate download for PC, but they don’t know that it is already available for free download at play store. And for the version, you are here to get it. The pc version of tube works far better than the original smartphone version. And there are multiple reasons for that.

  • First of all, your Computer will always have a bigger display and the bigger the screen is the better the experience
  • Large screen will not only make it easy for you to find options quickly but will also make things look bigger and better
  • Faster processor of your computer will run the application in a lot more better way.
  • You can use your mouse and keyboard for better control
  • Chances of crashes are almost none when you are on PC

Now, you must have got why PC is always a better option. If someone asks you that how PC is better, show them these points that I’ve shared with you. I recommend you to copy these somewhere in your PC or mobile phone in order to show them to someone.

Features of Tubemate For PC Download Tubemate free download for windows 7

There are multiple features of this thing. Stating all in one place will be a really hard thing for me. But it is necessary to list the features in a software tutorial, that is why I have decided to Write a few key points regarding the thing so that you get an idea about the program.

Features-List of tubemate video downloader

Here are key-points that I promised you about. Read all of these carefully and get more educated about the application itself. Also, do let me know what am I forgetting here from mentioning.

  • You can download unlimited amount of YouTube videos from this software
  • The speed you get in this is far better than other downloaders
  • After putting the link, you have to wait and let the video come into the screen
  • In the application itself, there is a search bar using which, you can search any video on the YouTube you want
  • After searching, you will be shown up with multiple videos of which, you have to select yours.

This list was to increase your knowledge and curiosity about the application. The main purpose was to make you ready about it. Now, you must have got an idea why this thing is better than others, let us move towards the tutorial.

How To Download Tubemate For PC | tubemate youtube downloader for pc

I have multiple questions with texts like : How you can run it on Pc when there is no official PC setup, but there is something that I want to tell you. See, we are going to discuss about a way using which you can run it on your PC, just like you don on your Phone. You don’t need to be worried about anything, it won’t gonna harm your computer.

Before moving ahead..

I want to let you guys know that this method is completely legal and genuine and there is no problem in implementing this to run Tubemate on PC or Computer. By the way, I will also teach you how to run this on laptop and MAC.

Why PC ?

Why someone want to run this on PC at first place ? Good question ! Well, there are multiple reasons for that. I have already discussed about this a lot in my previous posts. Let me break it down for you in this article.

  • Computer’s power is always higher as compared to portable devices. I’m not saying that a future portable won’t be more powerful than today’s PC, but it won’t be than future’s PC. Similarly, every age’s Computers will always be more powerful than that particular age’s Portable device.
  • As per as our experience tells us, powerful processors always runs softwares in a more better way as compared to low-end chips
  • You cannot get that much of overall performance in your phone as compared to what you can get in your PC. That is why I’m saying that, Computers are always better in terms of running things.

Now, you must have got an idea why Computers run softwares better than portable smartphone devices or tablet computers. You will get a bigger screen on PC as well as better performance too.

How To Download Tubemate for Windows and MAC

So, here it is. There are programs known as emulators that are used to run different platform’s softwares onto some other platforms. Suppose you want to run a Linux-based program without switching to Linux, then you can use a Linux emulator to get your job done. This may sound a bit surprising for those who are hearing this for the first time, but yes its for real !

Tubemate For PC Download

Why emulators were made

There is a very big and important reason behind the invention of emulators. Back in the time, when coding was in its initial stage, programmers had to use the same platform to run their programs of which the program was made. More clearly, they had witch between the devices in order to get the program tested which was huge pain for most of them. Firstly, they had to leave their Computers and then install the Program to some other machine.

For the ease of those developers, Emulators were introduced, so that they could test their things without leaving their own computers. This resulted in huge increase in productivity and emulators started getting recognized by people. But after sometime, few companies introduced more versions of these softwares that can be used to have fun. Now, you can get a PS II emulator as will as an Android emulator.

Which emulator to use for tubemate download free ?

There hundreds of emulators available online. Many are paid, most are free. Surprisingly, free ones are mostly better than paid ones and no one knows the reason why. I’m going to teach you how to run this using Bluestacks and Andy the Android emulator. I’m posting both’s tutorial down bellow and you can read and follow anyone you want.

Run Tubemate on MAC using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is definitely the most widely-used and the most loved Android emulator of all time. It features the easiest and interface that is not only fast but very unique too. More than 85 millions of users are there and the best thing is that even after having such great features, its completely free.

Run Tubemate on MAC using Bluestacks

  • It will get downloaded faster as compared to the time taken by online installer
  • It will be a binary version, so you’d be able to transfer it anywhere you want to
  • You can easily share it with your other devices.

There are much more features that I have not listed here due to less-time. You can know them after downloading the software, so no issue is there about that.

The method for tubemate app

You need to follow these steps in order to run Tubemate on Computer using Bluestacks. Make sure you follow each and every without skipping any single of it, otherwise it won’t gonna work properly.

Use Andy the Android emulator

Use Andy the Android emulator

Andy the Android emulator is the best in my opinion. Its not only free, but also gives a free support portal to its users, which is more than enough. You can get it online from the official site, but again, there is an offline installer of that thing too, I am going to mention its link too. After goinf to that link, you will be abler to get the offline version of the installer, which also has the same advantages.

  • It will get downloaded faster as compared to the time taken by online installer
  • It will be a binary version, so you’d be able to transfer it anywhere you want to
  • You can easily share it with your other devices.

I guess now you got it why I mentioned it as my favorite emulator. Its not only free but is the best in the entire industry due to the numerous functionalities that it has got.

Method #2 to get tubemate downloader

To run this via Andy, you need to keep a few things on your mind. Steps will be the same as I mentioned about Bluestacks, but the option to search for the app will be in a different place here.

  • Download Andy the Android Emulator Offline Installer
  • Install it after the download Completes.
  • Open it an search from the software itself “Tubemate”
  • Choose the right version and install it.

That was the complete procedure to run this software using Andy. If you have any Doubts Regarding it, feel free to ask them in the comment’s section down bellow.

Hope you liked the tutorial on Tubemate for PC download. If you did, then please share this site with your friends and let them know about the awesomeness going on here. You can also ask your quires regarding the tutorial or anything else in the comment’s section.


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You do not need to read or save these keywords, scroll down and read the Conclusion to save your time. Or if you want, just keep reading everything. Yo may have got too much of free time.


Tubemate is one of the best productivity app available in play store. You can download YouTube videos with it in high quality at very high speed. It will allow you to use the best of what your DATA plan can give you. Follow the tutorial in a correct way to run it and still if you face any issue, feel free to report it down bellow.  If you are my regular reader, you must have seen how I help people in the comment’s section. You can also ask for help if you need any and I will reply you within 48 Hours. I’m not that busy person always, but sometimes I ‘m unable to reply either because I’m out, or I’m busy with other work. So, if you need any suggestion or help, please leave comment down bellow and I’ll be checking back soon and will try my best to reply quickly.





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