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Download ShowBox For PC with the Official PC version of Showbox. Download now and watch your favorite TV Show CLips, videos and much more. Movies are very popular these days. In fact my post on Hotstar for PC got thousands of views within few days. Hotstar has its own advantages of leting one to stream all popular Indian Channels. But showbox is some thing different. It is a Netflix in someways, which is completely free. Using Showbox, one can easily get all of their favorite TV chanels right in their mobile devices. But the sad fact is that it is not available for PC. However, you can still get it using a trick which I am going to share today with all of you. You can watch multiple shows, toggle to multiple chanels and can even watch movies, which is great as you can’t expect those things for free on any other app like it. I seriously have no idea of how they managed to develop an app like that, but it is truly fascinating and amazing. You can also watch ongoing matches and get the live scores too. Most of the downloads of this app was happened during FIFA, clarifying how popular this app got during a year. With more than a million of active users, who uses Showbox in every three days, it has become one of the best of its kind. So, it can turn big to become one of the toughest competitor to Netflix and its alike. So, what they have to do is to invent a better thing than this and let the people use it for free. It is not impossible to do that, if it was, then How Showbox would have did that. Meanwhile other developers are just scratching their heads to create something new to defeat this giant, may other companies have already developed tough competitors to showbox already. One of them is Hotstar, about which we already talked in our article: Hotstar For PC. But let’s keep this article for ShowBox only. You came here to know How To Download ShowBox For PC and we will tell you that. In a better way, we will teach you How To Run ShowBox on PC, as it requires procedure to do that. We will also look over the features which this program provides you and also let you know few tweaks that you can perform to improve the overall experience.

Showbox for PC will allow you to run all popular chanels in your PC without any issue. It can run things flawlessly with its cleverly programmed emulation system. You can also get this on your Smartphone device, I don’t think so it would be better than your PC. As Computers have a permanent advantage over wireless devices. With high-speed processors and bigger screens, computer can 10X your Showbox experience. Even after having such a huge list of advantages, there is one complaint of most of the users, that is yet not resolved. And that is ShowBox For PC. The company never announced that they will release a PC client for this program and never expressed their future ideas either. You can also say that it is their tactic to generate more $$$ by keeping it a mobile-app only. But this is not how things are done. The most valuable thing that an app developer can get is people’s happiness, which ShowBox already have but still not in that way in which I want to explain here. You can say ShowBox PC version has still much time left to hit the market.

Follow all the steps I have mentioned here in order to get the basic idea about the entire concept or else you would not be able to run the thing on your Computer. It is very necessary to have proper info about it. That is why i have put very high amount of details here. That is what O’m saying, The length of this article should not scare you that much that you skip readings and cut the corners. That will be really a bad thing and if you do that, you will get messed up on implementing the things here.

Features of Download ShowBox App For PC

The list of features never ends. Still, we have shortlisted a few of hundreds of Great features of this application. Also we will tell you exactly you can boost your ShowBox experience by performing a few tweaks. You can also see live news from your mobile phone or tablet after Downloading showBox. One more thing is that, you will have to have few basic skills to use it and it is really easy to use.

  • You can freely watch TV-shows and movies on your PC/laptop
  • Get anything for free from there including apps and games
  • Less advertisements in the app in comparison to what we see in in applications like Hotstar
  • Using search option get more recommended Showbox for Windows 8 movies and programs
  • This app is completely free and there is hidden charge inside it
  • You can also get it for tablets or iOS devices
  • Since, you will use ShowBox For PC, it will be really fast and won’t crash at all
  • Also, since you will be using your monitor, it will be a much better experience than mobile devices and tablets due to huge screen
  • You can also get the T.V like experience if you have a better internet connection
  • Also check the different sort of tweaks, which you can perform on this app to get the most out of it

So, that was a short list of few of the tonnes of features that this app provides you. Now, by not wasting anymore time, let’s get into the tutorial on exactly How You can Run Showbox in Computer/Laptop. Before getting into it, I want to make you understand that you will need to follow each step correctly otherwise things won’t work

How To Download ShowBox App For Computer Without Bluestacks

So, here is the thing. We all know that for running Android things on PC or MAC, emulators are needed. So as the tittle here suggests, we are not going to use bluestacks, we will be Using Andy the Android emulator. Its not only better than bluestacks, but is also of less size. WE will be providing the link to get Andy offline setup up too

Here is what you have to do :

  1. Download Andy The Android Emulator Offline Installer
  2. Install it
  3. Search for Showbox and install it

After this, you will be able to run ShowBox for PC anytime you want. Keep this in mind that this is the Android version that you are running in your computer with the help of an Android App player. Both of these app players works well and its totally upto you Which one to use. Apart from both of these, I’ll also be showing you the way to run it using a different app player or emulator.

  • Download Droid4x
  • Install it and open it
  • Search for Showbox and Download it too

There you go, there are two sorts of emulators one can use to download and install Showbox for PC. If you have any doubts regarding anything, do let me know in the comment’s section down bellow. There is nothing that much special about bluestacks, its a also a good emulator but the thing is that people like it very much and most of the people uses it to run Android on Computer. There is no way you can judge a book by it cover, so go ahead and download it too in order to test it and decide which one is the best for you and works bets on your Computer. The main thing is your satisfaction, there are hundreds of tools that can help you run Showbox on Pc, but the main question is whether they meet your needs or not.

Download  ShowBox App For PC Windows 7/8/10 & MAC

Emulators are applications used to run programs of a particular to platform, into some other platforms. For instance, A Windows 8.1 – only software can be run in Windows Xp, by using an emulator like- Virtual Box. Similarly, there are also Android emulators, which can run .apk files in your Windows or MAC Computers. There are hundreds of android app and game emulators available online.

So thats how to get Showbox For PC download For free. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and also tell if you are facing any kind of issue while the installation. If you face any sort of graphics card error on Bluestacks, Do check this site, we’ve got a fix for that in some article. Just tell me what else should I post here to make this site more useful to mys users. Also, do let me know what else can I do in my writing-style, site’s design and other things to make it better. I use to write in a very simple language pattern because most of my readers are non-native English speakers.

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