Criminal Case APK For PC Download [WINDOWS & MAC]

Criminal Case APK For PC

Criminal Case For PC Download : There are loads of buzz about this game and why won’t be there? It is one of the most popular games of FB and is considered as the best Android game. Most of the developers are focusing on Android because of its huge user base. There is nothing more popular than Android, when it comes to Mobile Os. Google bought it back in 2006 and since then it had made thousands of changes to upgrade it and make it more fast and useful. Because of its huge app support, most of the people are intended to buy android devices so that, they can get the highest amount of programs and games.


One of such games is Criminal case for Windows. It was launched back in 2012 exclusively on Facebook and soon became very popular amongst the social media users. There are still many other games and online applications of its kind but no one has been able to steal the position of this guy. It features some of the best graphics and a suspenseful storyline. It took years for the fans to get a smartphone version, which was firstly released fo iOS. Android got its setup on April 2015.

Features of Criminal Case For PC Download

Criminal case is one of the most suspenseful games that are existing on the play store. You may have played many Arcade games on your smartphone, but this one is different. There are hundreds of things that makes this game different and unique.

  • It features the coolest graphics and colors
  • You can create your own space within it
  • Each level consists different sorts of puzzles that doubles the whole gaming experience
  • On the right corner of the screen, you are shown with your health level, so that it would be easy for you to calculate your remaining life.

After the spec-talk, we are now ready to move towards our main guide i.e. How To Download Criminal case for computer. The method is very easy, and you won’t need any special skills for that.

Download Criminal Case For PC Windows & MAC

First of all, let me clear that there is no official PC setup via which you can get your job done. There are programs known as emulators that can run other platforms’ programs in our platform. We can use an Android Emulator to run the Android version of Criminal case for Windows.

  • Download Andy The Android Emulator
  • Install it
  • Search For Criminal Case and Download it.

That is how you can easily Download Criminal Case For PC. In case you still have doubts regarding the whole procedure, Comment your queries down bellow, so that I can try to resolve it.

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