How to Get A Website Approved In Google News

Google news is something that most of the webmasters wants to get listed in. Its absolutely an abundant source of consistent and profitable traffic. Once you get listed, you’ll start receiving good amount of organic visitors to your news site/blog. In this article, we are going to be looking at the key things that are needed for Google news approval. If you are willing to apply for News, I would suggest you to read each and every single word of this tutorial in order to maximize your chances by implementing these techniques.

How to Get A Website Approved In Google News

Steps to Get A Website Approved In Google News

Here are a few things that you must follow in order to get approved in Google news. Though, there is no official requirement chart released by Google itself, there are webmasters who have quite a good experience in this field. Their experience have made us understand the basic requirements of the Google news program.

1.Required pages

Its always good to have a set of pages in your sites displaying the necessary data regarding the whole thing. If you are willing to apply for Google news , then note down these names to make pages on.

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Media Kit
  •  Authors page

Apart from that, Privacy Policy is something that I don’t feel need to tell you about, because its always Good to have it as well. You may seen people telling you that its good for your adsense ads and that is, in fact the case.

2.Must have multiple Authors

The main reason behind this requirement is obvious. No one can single handedly run a whole news site themselves. You must need at least a team of 8. So, if you gonna apply for news with an authors count of 1, yo’ll surely end up rejected. If you don’t have authors then, make it look that you have in authors page we talked about. If you know what I mean…

3.Author Bio

Apart from the “Author’s” Page, you need to have their bio written individually bellow their posts too. If you are running wordpress, its something that is already there until you intentionally remove it.

4. Publish this much daily

Those who say that they approved with 3 articles/day were probably really lucky. Don’t ever send for review without actively publishing at-least 15+ articles a day. These days, its really hard to get your thing approved in Google news. So, make sure to publish that much a day at least.

5. Theme

Make sure to use some Newspaper like theme with properly divided sections for news, politics, health, technology etc. If you are on WP, there a plenty of newspaper themes available for it. You can see sites like TOI for reference.

So, that is how you can approve website/blog on Google news. If you still have any doubts regarding the whole concept or this particular procedure, you contact my just by commenting down bellow. Take care !

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